Evangelism Training & Outreach

What It Is / Who It Is For: CCAAC’s Evangelism Training and Outreach is a ministry designed to:

1.) Fulfill the great commission as instituted by the Lord Jesus (Mark 16:15) by sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world.

2.) Encourage the believer that he/she can and should share the good news of the gospel whenever/wherever opportunity arises. And to teach the believer the skills to effectively share Christ with boldness and love, whether it be one on one or in public at the “marketplace.” (Acts 17:17)

Our Evangelistic outreaches are for anyone/everyone (under guidelines ***see below) who wishes to share the gospel of Jesus Christ out in public!


Where It Is / When It Is: Training sessions are held at the church building at various times during the year and usually lead up to planned outreaches such as summertime “kids club” outreaches and open air street evangelism. The training and outreach times will be announced by the team leader(s) and marked on the church calendar of events. Outreaches are conducted (usually outdoors) in various neighborhoods/popular spots around the Greater Baltimore area.


How You Can Participate in the Ministry: Just ask! There is always room for volunteers. Anyone interested in participating in any upcoming evangelism training sessions or outreaches may simply contact Pastor Ray or the evangelistic outreach leader Chris Reick.


 How You Can Serve in the Ministry : There are many opportunities to serve on the evangelistic teams so let’s talk about where your God given talents may be used best.

While we encourage any and all who wish to volunteer for our outreaches, there are certain guidelines that we ask volunteers to abide by.

***Guidelines: Anyone wishing to teach a kids or adult message may do so after a specified “getting to know you period” to be determined by church leadership and they have completed or are at least going through the training sessions. Anyone wishing to come out and observe an open air meeting geared towards adults may do so at any time.

Anyone wishing to come out and observe a kids meeting may do so only after the afore mentioned “getting to know you period.”

We ask that volunteers abide by and respect these guidelines so that we may get to know the person better and they get to know us.

Opportunities for service include: teaching a kids message, doing a puzzle, leading a song etc. in one of our kids outreaches. Sharing the gospel in the open air or sharing one to one at one of our open air “marketplace” evangelistic outreaches. Simply coming out to an open air outreach to be part of a “rent a crowd” to help attract attention to the gospel message that’s being shared. And these are just a few.


For more information about our evangelistic outreaches please feel free to contact             Chris Reick at: cjreick@gmail.com or the Facebook page Street Cry Evangelism