Worship Ministry Informational Meeting

Are you interested in the Worship Ministry (singers, musicians, sound board, etc) – there will be an informational meeting on Sunday, October 8th @ 12:00 pm.

Women’s Retreat

October 20-22 (@ Bethany Beach DE)
Sign-up Sheet is in the Coffee House Table
Cost is $150/pp
See Renee for more details

Preliminary Schedule – 2018 CCAAC Mission Trip to Cambodia

2018 CCAAC Mission Trip – Cambodia

January 11 – 20, 2018



 Korean Air 094/689 (Departure) and 690/093 (Return)


Transportation to/from Airport: 

Tuk-tuk arranged by Water Of Life (WOL)

Local Transportation:  WOL Tuk-tuk or for hire



  Water of Life Team House

Address: House 563 Street. 24BT

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phone: 093/012 623 488 or 017 444 244 





Jan 11-12:  Travel

Sat, Jan 13:  

Orientation @ WOL

           Visit Cambodia Museums/Tour Area


Sun, Jan 14: 

Church @ 9

           Women’s Missionary Bible Study

           Kids Outreach @ Areyskat Island 


Mon, Jan 15:  

           Girls Bible Study / Painting Class

           Boys Study or help with house projects

            Taley Village or English WOL Class


Tue, Jan 16:

           Prayer @ COH with Western Missionaries

Children of Hope Cleaning/Projects (am); Crafts/play with kids (pm)

Men’s Bible Study

            Taley Village or English WOL Class


Wed, Jan 17:

           Poor Outreach / Distribute Food

           Fellowship with Kids

            Taley Village or English WOL Class


Thu, Jan 18:

            Dump Outreach / Bible study with kids

            Afternoon with WOL boys/girls

            Taley Village or English WOL Class



Fri, Jan 19:

Fellowship with church leaders / missionaries

            Taley Village

            Game night with Boys/Girls



Sat, Jan 20:

            Shop for Souvenirs

            Craft with COH kids

            Spend time with WOL girls/boys




Jan 20-21 Travel back



            Kids Outreach @ Taley 

            English Classes @ WOL

            Evening Bible Study


Email Evangelism

Have you ever finished sharing the Gospel with someone, and they were interested but didn’t make a commitment for Christ, and you wish there was some way to give them follow-up?  Good news, CCAAC now has email evangelism.  You can simply give them the email address and tell them to email their questions and one of our ministry-servants will respond and answer their questions.  You could also ask the person if they would like to receive follow-up information via email, and if they say yes, ask them for their email address and send it to the email evangelism address.
The email address is:
This is an easy and great way to follow-up, and we are excited for another opportunity God has given share the Good News with a lost and dying world.
Until the whole world hears

We are On the Radio 7 Days a Week Starting Today

God is good, and we thank Him for the opportunities He continually opens up to us.
Starting today (Tuesday December 1st) we will be on the radio (FM 97.5) every day Monday – Friday @ 12:30pm, and Saturday – Sunday @ 2pm.
Listen in to catch some past studies(broken into 26 minutes studies), and tell others to listen in, as this is a great way to start a conversation about the beauty of the Lord and His wonderful Word.
Peace and Love