Creation Festival

Creation Fest mission is to bring TRIBUTE TO OUR CREATOR, by providing evangelistic events that offer kids of all ages opportunity to gather in community, to worship, experience fellowship, enjoy God’s beautiful Creation, and to encounter life changing moments. We hope to inspire lasting and active change in our hearts through the Love of Christ by His Holy Spirit, walked out through discipleship in the local church.
If you’d like to join the group already going,
please see Cassie Koble.
When: June 26-29, 2019

Agape Farm Address
17512 Rapture Street Shirleysburg, PA 17260  
Prices for entrance go up as the event approaches so lock in a lower rate asap:

$105 ends March 21st
$112 end April 19th
$117 end May 17th
$123 Ends June 14th
*Please note that these prices do not cover the cost of food.