Evangelism Training & Outreach

What It Is / Who It Is For:

CCAAC’s Evangelism Training and Outreach is a ministry designed to:

1.) Fulfill the great commission as instituted by the Lord Jesus (Mark 16:15) by sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world.

2.) Encourage the believer that he/she can and should share the good news of the gospel whenever/wherever opportunity arises. And to teach the believer the skills to effectively share Christ with boldness and love, whether it be one on one or in public at the “marketplace.” (Acts 17:17)

Our Evangelistic outreaches are for anyone/everyone who wishes to share the gospel of Jesus Christ out in public!


How You Can Participate in the Ministry: Just ask! There is always room for volunteers. Anyone interested in participating in any upcoming evangelism training sessions or outreaches please contact mail@ccaac.org