Visitor Information

Welcome to Calvary Chapel of Anne Arundel County.

We hope that you find the following information helpful to you as you get to know us a little better through the information we are providing you with on our website.

The following links will assist you in finding helpful resources that will allow you to get to know our church family better, and give you a sample of what you can expect to experience when visiting our church.

If you would like to catch up on past sermons you can go to the Media Center page. To read what the mission of our church is in order to carry out the vision that God has given to us, go to the “Our Ministry Philosophy” page. To discover the core essentials of what we believe at Calvary Chapel please go to the “Statement of Faith” page.

To meet the staff and leadership team at Calvary Chapel please go to the “About the Pastor ” page. To get the times of our service and directions to our church go to the “Times & Directions” page. If you would like to understand how to have a personal relationship with God, please go to the “The Meaning of Life” page.

We hope that you enjoy Calvary Chapel of Anne Arundel County, and we want to encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

What to expect when you visit on Sunday:

Please join us as we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and share His love with this community, Anne Arundel County, and the world. Please take a moment to review this helpful information. For any assistance or questions when you arrive, please see one of our Greeters at the door or Ushers in the sanctuary.

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere at Calvary Chapel is casual and relaxed on the outside, so we can have hearts prepared to meet with God and allow Him to do His wondrous and mighty works within our hearts. So blue jeans are the norm, contemporary worship is the style, and the teaching is straight to the heart.  You can get a taste of our teaching and worship style at our “Media Page”.

THE SERVICE: We place a high emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God, so while you are here you will hear a Bible Study. We will study the Word of God, book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, and verse-by-verse. In order to prepare our hearts to receive the Word, we have an intimate time of contemporary worship. God is seeking our hearts, and desiring to fellowship intimately and sweetly with Him, and He will do that through our time of worship, the Word, fellowship, and prayer.
REVERENCE: Out of reverence for the work of the Holy Spirit and to avoid unnecessary distractions during the teaching, if you must leave the sanctuary for any reason, please sit in the rear section of the sanctuary when you return. Also, we ask you to please mute all cell phones and electronic devices.

Adult-Only Sanctuary Policy:

Our services in the Sanctuary are designed for adults only. Our goal is to teach the Bible and to worship God in an atmosphere free of all distractions where people can focus on the Lord. For this reason, only children age 12 or older are permitted in the sanctuary.  Parents who wish to stay with their children under the age of 12 during the service are welcome to watch the service on the live-stream in the coffee house area. Mothers wanting to remain with their infants can watch the service from the Nursery or coffee house area as well.


CHILDREN: Along with the adults, we here at Calvary Chapel also put a high emphasis and great investment into the teaching of our little ones.  Please read the “Children’s Overview” enclosed in the visitor packet for an overview of our children’s church format when you arrive (you may also request a copy via email).

TEACHINGS: All teaching notes and audio are posted here on the web under the heading “Media Ministry”.

CONTACT: if you have any follow-up questions after your visit (or before), we can be reached by email or by phone, 443-995-3282. We look forward to fellowshipping with you!